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Their Lives As Harem Slaves (Peter King)    [eBook]

Marie, Emma and Tessa spent the summer discovering the darker side to their lives as they were trained to be compliant slaves at the hands of Master Ryan. Then, when they thought they were going on a journey to visit one of Ryan's friends, the shocking truth...



HAREM BOUND 1 - A NIGHTMARE FOR SALLY (Martin Hughes)    [eBook and Paperback]

Sally Hopkins a beautiful and elegant thirty four year old married blonde doctor, and Lauren, are blackmailed by a Negress who works for an Arabic Government, Satar, who are secretly holding her parents. Sally’s parents are aid workers in that North African...



Spoils of War Episode 1: Aimee and Pippa (Henry Sparrowhawk)    [eBook and Paperback]

Yesterday, Pippa and Clara were free. Today the pretty blonde twins are slaves, kneeling terrified, naked and ashamed at their masters' feet, together with their mother Annamarie and their friend Aimee. Their fate is to be transported beyond the borders of t...

SciFi BDSM/Bondage, Sex Slavery / Training


Harem Capture (Martin Hughes)    [eBook and Paperback]

Kate, the beautiful 26 year old wife of a millionaire businessman, is kidnapped from her private plane along with her mother and stepdaughter, young Charlotte, and transported to Sheik Kashmire’s harem. Charlotte’s husband, Will and a Jewish airhostess are ...

HAREMS AND SLAVES, Interracial Bondage/BDSM


BROKEN - a woman scorned (drkfetyshnyghts)    [eBook]

Tanya James, a stunning, highly sexed blonde, and all American girl. She had made progress on the career ladder by fucking and sucking her boss to sexual oblivion. Needless to say the boss's wife is less than pleased. She wants the kind of revenge that is ir...

Bondage/BDSM Fetishes


Slavegirl Of The Princess (Martin Hughes)    [eBook and Paperback]

On holiday, an English lovely, Kathy, her husband and Lauren are captured by a Sheik on a trumped up charge, punished and sold as slaves to his lesbian princess daughter. They suffer endless pain and humiliation from young black overseers an obese Arabic do...



Bound For Slavery (Peter King)    [eBook and Paperback]

The Western world, in the twenty-first century, generally led by the U.S., has come a long way towards improving human rights. Minorities, women, and now even alternative sexualities are finding new rights and privileges. But this is specific to the western ...

Sex Slavery / Training, HAREMS AND SLAVES


Broken To The Harem (A.C. Fresnell)    [eBook and Paperback]

A young married couple's desert ordeal begin when they are tricked into becoming the slaves of a sheik in his desert fortress. She must become a willing harem slave while he faces becoming a eunuch. Into harem scenes! Then you will love this story - the f...



BROKEN 2 (drkfetyshnyghts)    [eBook]

Tanya James, the all sucking, all fucking American girl – and PA to her boss. At least that was what she used to be until the wife found out. Then she was tricked and poured into a world of sadism that criss crossed the globe. Na'ilah the infamous, beautiful...

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual BDSM, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes


HAREM BOUND 2 - SALLY'S HELL IN SATAR (Martin Hughes)    [eBook and Paperback]

Sally, Lauren, and Carol the American lawyer are moved from Satar to a Greek island to lure their husbands with a false sense of security and then capture them all with a lovely private investigator assisting them. The slave life of Sally and the others are...

HAREMS AND SLAVES, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual BDSM


The Fall Of Women's Rights In The Usa (FerranArtist)    [eBook]

Beginning nearly forty years in the future, when the United States is stricken by economic woes and no amount of politicking can hide the fact that the number of jobs simply does not equal the number of people unemployed, one man comes to the forefront with ...



The Glass Harem (Adriana Arden)    [eBook and Paperback]

The complete story. All 3 of the original parts brought together in one volume. In 1955 attractive widow Isobel Forbes and her daughter Lorna are holidaying in the tiny county of Barbouria on the North West coast of Africa when their ignorance of local cu...

Erotic Domination - M/F, MILF Erotica, Male Dom - M/F


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