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Harem Girl (FLETCHINA ARCHER)    [eBook]

She was Hurled Through Time to Become a Slave!Theresa is a contemporary young woman, interested in languages, who is unhappy with her life. Her American-Greek family doesn't understand her and, worse, Theresa believes she is grotesque because she's fat. Her ...

Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Fantasy, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes


A Slavegirl For The Sheik (Mark Slade)    [eBook]

Linsey Peel is a luscious sweet, bodied American girl, who lives for her dancing. She spends most of her spare time in her favourite Washington nightclub, where she frequently draws admiring glances from the rest of the dancers. One hot summer's night, she s...

Male Dom - M/F


The Pirate's Captive: Buccaneering And Bondage (Rod Harden)    [eBook]

"Extremely Intense, Not for the Faint of Heart." Only Rod Harden, bestselling author of the Slave Girl Trilogy could have penned this tale of piracy and women who are enslaved and ravished on the high seas! It is the eighteenth century and ruthless James Sky...

Male Dom - M/F, SciFi BDSM/Bondage


Mistress Margot: A Tale Of Sapphic Enslavement (Susanna Valent)    [eBook]

Lesbian James Bond Takes On Ecopolluters. There's sapphic you-know-what galore in this wild new novel of sapphic B&D from the bestselling author of Pirate Queen. Margot is a top agent for a secret organization sworn to prevent ecological disasters. From her ...

Fem Dom - F/F, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual BDSM


Slave From The Office (Mark Slade)    [eBook]

Devon Tyler had everything. Looks, a good job, a father in the running for President of the United States. But she still wanted more. She found out how to embezzle from her employers, and she thought she had gotten away with it. She had been mistaken, and sh...

Male Dom - M/F


Female Delights (Charmbrights)    [eBook]

This is chronologically the third in the `Delights` series by the best-selling Charm Brights. The story continues as we follow the varied fortunes of several different members of the Emirís harem. Maryam, the kitchen skivvy who becomes Head Wife , and...

Male Dom - M/F


Intrusive Delights (Charmbrights)    [eBook]

In this, the fourth of the eleven Delights books, the wife of a Mafia boss is kidnapped during her North African honeymoon and sold as a slave, ending up in the Emir's harem. However, she is a strong-spirited Sicilian woman with definite ideas of right and ...

Male Dom - M/F


White Delights (Charmbrights)    [eBook]

The Emir of Kobekistan has decided to add some new faces, and other bits, to his harem. Whipping the same sixty women all the time gets boring. He embarks on some `fishing expeditions` round the world. He finds a concubine in Paris, but she isn`t really w...

Male Dom - M/F


Anniversary Delights (Charmbrights)    [eBook]

In the sixth of the `Delights` series His Magnificence, the Emir Mahmoud Abdullah, may he live for ever, the young Emir of Kobekistan had been on the throne in the Golden Palace, centre piece of the Triple Palace, Ruby, Gold and Emerald, for almost ten years...

Male Dom - M/F


Numerous Delights (Charmbrights)    [eBook]

A young accountant is seconded to work with the British Embassy in Kobekistan and soon learns to appreciate the values of a feudal society. He encounters a number of young ladies from various backgrounds, all of whom (except Molly) he incorporates in his har...

Male Dom - M/M


Ivan Whore (Will Buster)    [eBook]

Set in 1193 - a time of bloody disembowelment and Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe prepares to savour the spoils of victory in another of King Richard`s Crusades. This time the hapless woman is called Zahra - a prize full of Turkish Delight, a woman whose past in ...

Historical Erotica , Spanking and Bondage


Only Women Bleed (Don Blane)    [eBook]

Nadwa is a voluptuous khadine, a slave of the royal harem. But khadines do not have sex with all in sundry and the Sultan, but then Abu Talib was no ordinary Sultan. A cruel man, who had wheedled his way to power, now ruled as he saw fit. He liked using the ...

Male Dom - M/F


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